As a Non-Profit organization we try to not pigeonhole ourselves because we are called to answer, “Is
There Not A Cause?” which means our causes cannot be neatly placed in boxes. Our main goal is to
assist in disaster relief, community development and poverty alleviation in as many countries as
possible. Here is an overview of some of our on-going Project and Causes.

Project Home-base

Since our inception we have been operating in an informal space, which worked but with the organization expanding there is a greater need for an official home for ITNAC. Operation Project Home-base is for ITNAC to have a home, an office a space to comfortably operate and serve those who are in need.

The Love Center / Centro De Amor

The Love Center is a space created exclusively for the migrant living in communities in Trinidad and Tobago. The Center provides assistance in the form of counselling, food, clothes, job referral and medical support. The Love Center also houses a Learning space that assists over 100 children Spanish speaking children. This is one of our on the ground projects and we are looking to expand so we need your assistance to aid with the expansion and daily upkeep of The Love Center.

City Outreach Centre

ITNAC wants to buy and build their first and largest outreach center. We are in the process of acquiring an outreach space in East Port Of Spain, this space will be a soup kitchen it will provide showers and counselling for socially displaced and economically changed persons. We need your help to make this vision a reality, we are in the process of buying the land and once that is completed, we will start with the building.

ITNAC Nursery Two

ITNAC currently maintains a nursery that assists low income families with caretaking while they work. Currently that nursery is at capacity so we are seeking to replicate another Nursery that will help with the overflow of need. We need your help through funding to find space for the nursery, to outfit it with furniture and other items.


In Trinidad and Tobago we do a lot of volunteer outreach to very far communities. We need to be able to mobilize our volunteer team quickly and a 24-Seater Bus will greatly assist with this. This bus will assist with volunteer and outreach and distribution.


Poverty alleviation is one of our biggest missions in Trinidad and Tobago, to do this we are sometimes asked to transport large items such as produce, furniture and other items. Having a truck to help with the transportation of items would greatly help the cause.

Christmas Project

Since 2003 we have been executing a Christmas Project where we visit different Children’s homes and Orphanages gifting them with gifts and food on Christmas day. This is a project we execute on a yearly basis and we do a call for donation starting in December.

Palo Seco Project

We visited Palo Seco in 2003 and we were moved by the needs of the people in the community, so much so, we decided to unofficially adopt the community. Palo Seco is a recipient of the Back to School + Christmas project. Over the last 17 years we have built 6 homes and gave them to families living in the community. We also lead an initiative to teach women how to successfully farm on their land. During the farming project we set-up a temporary nursery so the women in the community could attend the programme. There is still a lot to be done, and we continue to work in this community.

Sisters For Sisters

Is based in Trinidad and Tobago and was started in March 2020. Sisters for Sisters is an initiative of Is There Not A Cause? (ITNAC) & Broken Crayons Can Still Colour and Practical Outreach for Women by Women. Women and young girls make up a large percentage of victims of natural disasters. Our aim is to be of a practical and spiritual help. We will provide basic sanitary needs to those females reeling from disaster and those of the low-income bracket, victims and survivors of domestic violence whom many often at times are in need. Partner with us to meet those needs and help make life easier for our sisters.

Children's Homes In Haiti

We support a number of Children’s homes in Haiti, including ___ . While we would like to do monthly support we aren’t able to commit to that financially so we support them on their emergency needs. (Children’s Light )

Kenya Girl Rescue Mission

Started in 2014, we continue to support this mission for girls who are victim of female mutilation and prostitution. The girls sometimes end up getting sucked back on the streets, so our goal is to build a center, give the mission a residential/physical home. This center will provide accommodation, food, clothing and skills to empower the girls. We need your donations to make this center a reality.


We support the missions of rural Pastors in India. In Christmas we do Saris for widows and cloth for lepers and blankets for the poor. This is an ongoing project that we are always seeking donations for.


The Children’s Literacy Programme was started in St. Lucia and it is a programme we believe in because it’s mission is to help eradicate illiteracy on the island.

My Brother’s Keepers In Kenya

Assistance to orphans