ITNAC is looking for long term partnerships with Organizations and Companies who aligns with our mission to go and give relief in times of disaster and crisis. We are a non profit organization who relies heavily on the partnership and donation to see our mission fulfilled. If your organization is looking to partner with us, we have various Causes and Missions that need long-term aid with, in order to execute.



ITNAC is able to mobilize and assist through the help of our committed group of volunteers. We are looking for people who are committed to giving the best of them during their volunteer time. We have numerous Missions and Causes, if you are interested in volunteering your time below is a list of
Causes you can choose from to volunteer to.


How Can I Donate?

ITNAC is only able to fulfil its mission to offer relief to those in need through the donations we receive. Over the last 18 years we have been able to respond in times of crisis and disaster through the generous gifts of our donors. As a Non-Profit Organization we aim to be transparent, with that regards all our donations are given towards our causes. We have numerous ways to donate, choose which one works for you.

Donate Finances

 ITNAC operates solely on the generosity of you, our donors. What we do is impactful and are only able to do this through your monetary donations. You can give to our organizations through bank deposit, bank transfer or through our offices.

Donate Resources

Do you have a skill, resources, or items you can donate to ITNAC? We need you! 

Donate Specific Causes

We have over 20 ongoing Projects and Causes you can donate to, read here for more and you can choose which one to give to.

Partner & Volunteer

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