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June Review – Is There Not A Cause?

June Review


ITNAC June In Review

In June Is There Not A Cause? (ITNAC) main focus was  assisting on the ground in Trinidad and Tobago with the response to the Covid-19 effects. The country is slowly opening back up but there are still families who were displaced and people’s finances were severely affected through loss of income, being laid off and not having access to Government funding. We continue to assist in this area as best as we can. 

Since we started out Covid Response in March we have distributed 3,606 hampers filled with essential items for people who are in need. We have also provided 3,050 meals through our feeding programme. We are beyond proud that we are able to assist in this way. In addition, we have been able to assist a number of mothers with new born babies through the provision of baby supplies. 

Here is an overview of what we were able to accomplish in the month of June: 

  • We launched the new and updated ITNAC website, be sure to go and check it out here

  • We continue with our meals programme which is critical during this pandemic.

  • Our Covid Response operation, saw us providing Hampers of essentials items including flour, sugar, rice, beans, peanut butter, canned items, cooking oil, detergent, toilet paper, care packages etc to those in need. In June we provided over 1,000 hampers throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

  • We continue to provide food, clothing and medical supplies items to persons living in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • We are currently in the process of constructing a home for a family in Sangre Grande and did major repairs to a home in Blanchisseuse.
  • We celebrated Father’s Day part of the celebration we featured some of the Men Behind the ITNAC Mission. For our Father’s Outreach we were able to bless some fathers through the donation of the Anointed Sons.  

  • Through our Partnership with Women of Substance we were able to assist persons in Tobago by providing meals and Hampers for over 30 families. 

  • We received major donations from two major banks in Trinidad, Republic Bank Trinidad and Tobago sponsored 51 hampers and through the sponsorship from Scotia Bank Trinidad and Tobago we were able to execute Operation 300.  In addition we continue to receive dry goods from churches, and companies. It is critical to mention our individual donors who continue to support us with their contributions of $100, $200 etc, as they can afford and have been the backbone of ITNAC since inception.

We have a lot more work to do and we appreciate all the support you have given.

Thanks to Scotiabanktt for partnering with us, we were able to assist 300 families.

Thank you to the amazing team at Republic Bank Trinidad and  Tobago for donating and assisting with the packing of hampers. 

It is with a big heart that we let you know that Digicel Foundation Trinidad and Tobago confirmed that we were selected for an EPIC grant for one of our projects. 
The Digicel Foundation is committed to providing support to those most vulnerable in our society. Their commitment aligns with our mission and we are so blessed to see it become a reality. 

We applied for an EPIC grant to purchase a Smart Board for our earning centre. The space provides educational support to migrant children who do not have access to schooling at the moment.

Go check out this video that talks about the project!

Thank you Digicel Foundation!

Project Home Base

Every single donation will bring us closer to purchasing a building that will be used as a Transitional and Emergency Housing. The cost of the building is $2million TTD and we need to make a down payment of $200,000TTD.

Over the 18 years we have been faced with constant requests for emergency & transitional housing from persons who were affected by fire, flood, been evicted, deported or survived domestic violence.

Currently, we are providing transition housing 5 families who were displaced and are in need on a permanent home.  

Get Involved In COVID Response

Want to get involved in ITNAC’s Covid Response? Here are ways you can assist:

  •  WE ARE IN URGENT NEED OF BABY SUPPLIES! Can you assist? We are in need of the following:

    Pampers (sizes 4 and 5)
    Baby/ Toddler clothing
    Baby/ Toddler shoes
    Baby formula

    Are you able to assist? There so many families in need of these items. Can you assist in donating these items to fulfill the need?

  • Can you assist with the packing of hampers? We need your assistance here! 
  • Donating items for hamper including: rice, flour, sugar, toothpaste, pampers, milk, beans, oil, detergent, soap etc. 
  • Cannot assist with the above? How about making a monetary donation to ITNAC? 

Youths On A Mission

The ITNAC Youths continue to be the change we want to see in the world. On Saturday June 27th, they made their way to assist with building a home for someone in need. 

We are currently collaborating with Habitat for Humanity to construct a home for a family of 7 in Blanchisseuse and transition housing is critical for this project to commence.

ITNAC Kay Kafe

ITNAC continues with our social entrepreneurship with the launch of Kay Kafe as a way to create employment and income for ITNAC’s projects. 

For now Kay Kafe will only be open on the weekends. There will be weekly themed evenings and weekends, with delights from some of the countries we have visited eg. Haitian, Jamaican, etc treats. 

If you are in the area, please be sure to stop by and grab something! All proceeds goes towards the creation of employment and assisting with ITNAC projects.

Upcoming Projects & Focus For July

We are still in the midst of our Covid Response here in Trinidad and Tobago and that remains one of our major focus of ours. We want to be able to assist those who continue to be affected by providing medical supplies, food, clothing and meals. 

We are currently collaborating with Habitat for Humanity to construct a home for a family of 7 in Blanchisseuse and transition housing is critical for this project to commence.

We remain committed to seeing PROJECT HOMEBASE made a reality. We see the need and we want to meet that need. We need every help we can get to make this a reality 

ITNAC | Is There Not A Cause. 

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