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May Review – Is There Not A Cause?

May Review


ITNAC May In Review

Is There Not A Cause? (ITNAC) main project and cause for May was assisting on the ground in Trinidad and Tobago with the response to the Covid-19 effects. Here in Trinidad and Tobago the country was locked down, companies sent their employees home, families were displaced and people’s finances were severely affected through loss of income, being laid off and not having access to Government funding.  

Here is an overview of what we were able to accomplish in the month of May: 

  • On Monday May 4, 2020 we celebrated our 18th year of fulfilling the mission of making a difference one life at a time. We are 18 years old!

  • Every weekend we provided meals for over 200 families, for the period of May we were able to feed close to 2,000 persons.

  • Our Covid Response operation, saw us providing Hampers of essentials items including flour, sugar, rice, beans, peanut butter, canned items, cooking oil, detergent, toilet paper, care packages etc to those in need. In May we provided over 1,500 hampers throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

  • We were able to provide food, clothing, medical supplies and even some household items to persons living in remote areas in Trinidad including but not limited to Palo Seco, Fyzabard, Iacacos, Las Cuevas, La Filette,  Blanchisseuse, Lopinot, Matura, Toco, Manzanilla, Rio Claro and Mayaro.

  • We celebrated Mother’s Day and we were able to gift over 100  Mothers with items for themselves and their Children. 

  • We were able to give towards the latest Covid distribution efforts happening in Bahamas through our partners Victory Chapel Church of the Nazarene & United Haitian Association of the Bahamas (UHAB).

  • Through our Partnership with Women of Substance we were able to assist persons in Tobago by providing meals and Hampers for over 100 families. 

  • We received major donations from The Gathering Place, Stork Trinidad Limited, AMCO, The Open Bible Standard Church of Trinidad and Tobago, The New Beginning Ministries, Staff Members from Tropical Shipping. In addition we also received dry goods from churches, and companies such as Angostura, National Flour Mills Limited Staff etc. It is critical to mention our individual donors who continue to support us with their contributions of $100, $200 etc, as they can afford and have been the backbone of ITNAC since inception.

We have a lot more work to do and we appreciate all the support you have given us. 

ITNAC was able to deliver over 1,500 hampers filled with essential items for those in need for the month of May.

We were able to visit some remote parts of Trinidad and Tobago to deliver items to those who are in need. 

City Outreach Centre

 ITNAC wants to buy and build their first and largest outreach center. We are in the process of acquiring an outreach space in East Port Of Spain, this space will be a soup kitchen it will provide showers and counselling for socially displaced and economically changed persons.   We need your help to make this vision a reality, we are in the process of buying the land and once that is completed, we will start with the building. 

ITNAC's COVID Response

Want to get involved in ITNAC’s Covid Response? Here are ways you can assist:

  • For our feeding programme we need already prepared meals and baked goods.
  • Are you are Chef, Cook or Baker? We need your assistance to prepare meals for our weekly feeding programme.
  • We need volunteers to assist with the delivery of hampers and supplies to families. 
  • Can you assist with the packing of hampers? We need your assistance here! 
  • Donating items for hamper including: rice, flour, sugar, toothpaste, pampers, milk, beans, oil, detergent, soap etc. 
  • Cannot assist with the above? How about making a monetary donation to ITNAC? 

Partnership With Women of Substance

It is through solid Partnerships that ITNAC is able to do the work continuously and with great impact for over 18 years.
Onika Mars is the founder of Women of Substance in Tobago. We began our partnership with Women of Substance at the latter part of April 2020 in response to Covid. We wanted to have a Partner in Tobago to assist with executing our Covid Response and they have been leading the on the ground assistance by providing meals and hampers to Tobagonians in need. 

For the month of May we were able to distribute 770 lunches and 112 hampers to families in need or affected by Covid.  

We thank you for your faithfulness and for being a worthy partner that ITNAC can rely on. Thank you to the team at Women of Substance!

Donate To ITNAC

If you are considering giving a monteary donation ITNAC there are two ways you can do this, through paypal and through our two local bank accounts. Please see banking information below:

Bank Name: First Citizens Bank
Bank Account Name: Is There Not A Cause
Bank Account number: 1660410
Type of Account: Chequing
Home branch: West Court
Bank Account Name: Is There Not A Cause
Bank Account Number: 510009446801
Type of Account: Chequing
Home branch: Murray Street 

Or through Paypal- visit us here

Thank you for your donation, any amount you give is enough to assist with the cause. 

Upcoming Projects & Focus On June

We are still in the midst of our Covid Response here in Trinidad and Tobago and that remains one of our major focus of ours. We want to be able to assist those who continue to be affected by providing medical supplies, food, clothing and meals. 

We are also hoping to assist some of our Partners regionally and internationally with their ongoing projects. 

Thank you for your continued support to ITNAC, we continue in our mission in making a difference, one life at a time. Have a blessed June. 

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