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Project Homebase – Is There Not A Cause?

Project Homebase


Project HomeBase | A Home for those in need

Is There Not A Cause? ITNAC  was started over 18 years ago with the mission of making a difference one life at a time. Since our inception we have gone all over the world to deliver hope, help provide relief in times of crisis and make sure we are doing our part in making a difference in the world.

In 2020 ITNAC’s refocused it’s priority when the entire world was hit with the novel Corona-virus. While we have always seen a need for emergency and transitional housing, during the Corona-virus crisis we saw an increase and urgent need. ITNAC have always wanted to provide a safe space for persons who are in need, who may have fallen on hard times, who are victims of domestic violence and need somewhere to safely seek shelter, for persons who are deported to Trinidad and Tobago with no place to stay, the reasons people may need shelter is vast and for over 18 years we have been getting these request. It with all of this in mind that ITNAC decided to launch Project Home-base. 

Project Homebase is ITNAC’s solution for emergency and transitional housing in Trinidad. Through a series of inquiry, we were able to find the perfect building that we will be using as the emergency housing. The building cost TTD 2million and in order for us to secure the building we had to submit s 10% deposit. Through fundraising, donations and a telethon we were able to get the $200,000.00TTD need for the deposit and sign on the building. We recognize how blessed we are as an organization to be able to raise this deposit during a crisis where people are being frugal because of the instability of the economy.  

We are proud to secure the building that will be one of our homebase.  We have named this location Beth-El and this is a part of the larger Project Homebase Initiative. The building has is equipped to host families and those in need.  We have crossed the initial hurdle but we still have a long road ahead of us to make this Beth-El hombase a complete success, open to accommodate those in need. 

Today our focus for Beth-El Homebase includes doing fundraising to assist with:

  • Doing minor upgrades to the property
  • Furnishing the __ bedrooms
  • Painting 
  • Paying off the building

We recognize that the journey continues but we have a solid start and through generous donors we will make this a reality. 

If you are interested in making Beth-El homebase a reality, you can donate to the cause through paypal or FCB.

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