To make a difference one life at a time.


ITNAC’s mission to assist in disaster relief, community development and poverty alleviation in as many countries as possible.

Our History

Started in 2002, Is There Not A Cause? ITNAC, was founded on the faith of the founders. Speaking in 1 Samuel 17:29 David asked “Is There Not A Cause?”, we have taken that challenge for 18 years and every time we ask that question, “Is There Not A Cause?” we found the answer to always be YES! 

We are pleased with our rich history of providing relief and assistance to those in need. Our organization has been on the front-line for disaster response both locally and internationally. We are proud of the impact we have made and will continue to make. Below is a brief look at our history of relief and response.

Our Timeline

  • 2002

    Started May 4, 2002 in the community of Maloney

  • 2003

    First visit to Palo Seco TT 

    Started the first Back to School Drive Started our Christmas project

    First Youth trip to Haiti? 

  • 2004

    Hurricane Ivan - Grenada

  • 2005

    Hurricane Katrina + Rita | USA- Louisiana

    First visit to Venezuela

     First visit to Zambia

     First trip to Peru  

  • 2006

    Guinea -West Africa

    Partner with CLAP Saint Lucia

  • 2007

    Hurricane Dean | Jamaica 

    Guyana Floods

  • 2008

    First trip to Haiti & Guyana

  • 2009

    First trip to Kenya

  • 2010

     Earthquake in Haiti

  • 2011

    Second trip to Kenya

  • 2012 - 13

    Acquired Sa Maasion

  • 2014 - 16

    Hurricane Matthew- Haiti

  • 2017

    Hurricane Irma | 

    Hurricane Maria | Dominica, Anguilla, BVI, The Bahamas

  • 2018

    Floods in Trinidad

     Hurricane Dorian | September 1-2 - Bahamas

  • 2020


Meet The Board Members

ITNAC’s team is committed to fulfilling the mission that is set before us. With over 18 years of experience in Non-Profit, our aim remains the same, to impact lives and communities, locally and internationally. Our Board Members have been leading the organization for the last 18 years to achieve our mission.

Avonelle Hector


Christopher Joseph


Beverley Loobie-Alleyne


Jemma Malchan-Benny


Latoya Harris-Tracy




Claudia Philips